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Vehicle Finder

Are you looking for a specific brand or model of vehicle? Or, do you want to locate a vehicle in close proximity to where you live or work? cuAuctions provides three capabilities; Search by Stock Number, Search by Brand and Search by Location, designed to help you find the desired vehicle based on your preferences.

Search by Stock Number
Do you have a cuAuctions stock number? If so, we'll locate that vehicle for you in an instant. Simply enter the stock number in the Stock Number field and click Find.

Stock Number: 

Search by Brand
With the Search by Brand capability, you can search for a specific vehicle based on its brand or model name. For example, you can enter the keyword "Honda" to search for all available models (Accords, Civics, Passports, etc) of Hondas. Or, you can enter the keyword "Accord" to search only for all available Honda Accords. Simply enter the brand or model name in the Keyword field and click Find.


Search by Location
The Search by Location capability allows you to search for vehicles close to your home or office based on your zip code and the maximum distance you are willing to travel for the vehicle. Simply enter your five-digit zip (or postal) code and select the desired maximum distance in the form below. Then click Locate. If no vehicles are found within the specified area, cuAuctions provides you with a message and a list of vehicles located closest to you.

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