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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help explain how cuAuctions works. If you have a question that's not addressed here, please email at us questions@titleauctions.com.

How does bidding work?
cuAuctions uses progressive bidding. With progressive bidding, the highest bid amount is public knowledge, and you can increase your bid in response to other bidders. With cuAuctions you can use proxy bidding. That means you can enter the highest amount you're willing to bid. If another bidder enters an amount higher than your current bid, cuAuctions will gradually increase your bid amount up the maximum that you set. We'll also alert you via email when you've been outbid so you can increase your bid amount.

The auction ends at the stated Auction Close time, unless active bids are still coming. The auction will automatically extend in 15-minute increments as long as active bidding is taking place.

The highest bidder at the end of an auction is obliged to purchase the vehicle in accordance to the auction payment terms (per their acceptance of the cuAuctions payment agreement.)

How is this different than eBay or Yahoo Auctions?
Vehicles on cuAuctions are owned by local credit unions, federally insured, respected members of your community. That means you can trust the seller to make full disclosure about the vehicle you buy, and you can be confident that the seller will work with you to make the transaction smooth. And unlike eBayMotors and Yahoo! Autos, you'll never encounter a dealer on cuAuctions. With cuAuctions you can buy without the usual dealership mark-up, and avoid the usual dealership hassles.

Why do I have to register to bid?
The credit unions that own the vehicles on cuAuctions require certain information from bidders in order to finalize the vehicle transaction, should a bidder win. The registration process captures that information.

What happens to my personal information?
We are passionate about maintaining bidder privacy. Your personal information is kept strictly confidential using the most stringent security protocols currently available. The only time your information is shared with an outside party is when you place a winning bid and the credit union that owns the vehicle you bid on requests your information to finalize the transaction. We do not trade or sell your name or personal information to other entities. See our Privacy Policy.

Can I see the vehicle before I bid?
Yes. If the pictures shown on cuAuctions don't provide you with enough information, you can contact the credit union that owns the vehicle to schedule a test drive. You can contact the credit union by email, or by phone; both options are available once you have registered and logged in. Please let the credit union know that you saw the vehicle on cuAuctions.

I'm trying to bid and the site won't let me because I'm not already registered. I did register. What's going on?
Once you've registered it takes a few moments to create your account and update our database with your information. The delay is usually less than five minutes. To complete your registration, simply click the Activate link in the confirmation email you receive; this will open your account. Once you've reached this point, you're ready to bid.

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